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As revenue from sales of commercial games exceeds movie box office sales, there is a renewed interest in how games can be used in educational settings. Our team is currently developing a number of educational games and is researching various aspects of how computer games can enhance learning of academic content and inquiry.

The pedagogical laboratory provides education majors an opportunity to work like scientists who experiment with the latest findings in learning and instructional theories by trying them out with K-12 students recruited from local schools, observing student learning, and reflecting on the educational outcomes. Current activities include robotics challenges for grades K-8 designed to develop skills in scientific inquiry, problem solving, and mathematics.
Educational robotics activities are gaining in popularity. Though some research data suggest that educational robotics can be an effective approach in teaching mathematics, science, and engineering, research is needed to generate the best practices and strategies for designing these learning environments. Our team explores how robotics can be used to teach content and inquiry in classroom settings.
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