Arborgraphia provides students and visitors a unique way to learn the science and history associated with the many trees on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

You can learn key scientific information (e.g. scientific name, leaf type, flowering or not, native or not), view images of the tree (including the tree, leaf, bark, seed), and learn the history of the tree (i.e. who planted the tree, its approximate age).

The app includes handmade illustrations for each tree species


Archimedes' Roost: Math for Kindergarten

In a rich 3D environment, kindergarten children use Montessori blocks and wooden strips to practice addition and subtraction. Completing the hands-on mathematics activities in the 3D environment deepens children's conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction while at the same time improves their fluency and speed with the basic math facts.


Shi Zi: Learn Chinese Characters
(Simplified & Traditional Chinese) 识字基础(简繁体)

This iPhone app uses animations to teach 88 Chinese characters that are components in many other Chinese characters. Mastering these 88 characters will provide a foundation for Chinese language learners to quickly learn the other characters.




This beautifully constructed app with all original hand painted art will help children learn the U.S. states and capitals. Behind the scenes in Geographia is Mungo, the world’s most experienced avian explorer. This one-of-a-kind bird introduces learners to his bird’s-eye view of the United States of America making learning the states and capitals both fun and engaging.